Finsec can give you a voice in your workplace. Bargaining, negotiating, discussion – we’ll be there! Download the membership form now and post it to:

Finsec, PO Box 27-355, Wellington

Or ring 0800 FINSEC and we’ll post you a form.

Join Finsec for a better workplace

Joining a union is about supporting fairness at work. It’s also about saying that our rights at work are best achieved and protected by working as a group rather than on our own.

New Zealanders are joining unions in unprecedented numbers.

Last year union membership in New Zealand grew by 6.6%, an increase of 23,290 new members.

Are you aware unions work best when everybody is involved?

Stronger unions have paid off for union members.

In the most Finsec worksites, union members negotiated pay increases between 4 and 5.25% – the largest increases in over a decade. Across New Zealand average weekly income increased by 4% last year on the back of good union negotiated pay rises.

Did you know everyone can benefit from union negotiations, but how much you benefit depends on how many people get involved? That’s why we need your help.

The lowest paid workers in banks have received salary increases of over $1,000 a year for the last few years.

These pay increases have more than offset the union membership fees and the return on this investment has seen substantial financial improvements for union members.

Did you know Finsec fees are a small investment in a fair workplace and better pay for everybody?

Joining Finsec isn’t just about pay increases, it’s also about protecting and advancing hard-won conditions like annual leave, sick leave, overtime rates and public holidays.

Did you know most Finsec members had 4 weeks annual leave long before it before it became a legal minimum because union members fought for it?

Joining Finsec says that you stand for protecting these conditions. Work needs to sit alongside other parts of your life, such as spending time with family and friends.

That is why Finsec bank members are running the Better Banks campaign.

Better Banks is about all bank staff working together to raise standards for everyone. It’s Finsec’s biggest campaign, but we run similar campaigns for other members too. While there are lots of great things about working for a bank, changes within the industry over the past decade have meant that some things have got worse. There are issues around staffing levels, performance targets, health and safety, workplace stress, pay and pay systems, which are now industry wide. We want to fix these problems by working together and we are asking all bank staff to come on board and support the campaign by joining the union.

Did you know companies don’t normally negotiate with individuals?

These problems won’t be fixed unless we are all on board. Having a say and influencing these changes means joining Finsec.

All New Zealanders have the right to join a union, and there is a direct link between high union membership and better pay and conditions.


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