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News in bargaining

Finsec members are involved in bargaining all over the show in pursuit of pay deals that keep them ahead of inflation and to ensure 90 day trial periods are not used in our industry.

At Lumley,Vero, CBS and Southern Cross Finsec members are holding meetings to develop claims in advance of bargaining to take place in June.

AMI bargaining takes place tomorrow and report backs will occur in the following weeks.

At PSIS, bargaining held this week led to no real movement in PSIS’s offer on members key issues. Finsec delegates have been holding conference calls this week to determine what the next steps should be.


Valuing AMI staff in 2011

Finsec members at AMI will soon begin collective bargaining for the year. All New Zealanders will be aware of the importance of the insurance industry in the wake of the Christchurch quake. Finsec Campaigns Director Tali Williams said that while the work of insurance industry staff is valued by the community, it is just important that it is also valued by employers at Collective Agreement negotiations, particularly in light of rising costs.

The first step for bargaining is for members to get together and discuss what’s important in these negotiations. Delegates will be holding conference calls this coming Wednesday.

Unions – the ultimate insurance!

Finsec members from the insurance sector have met in Auckland and Wellington this week to plan for the year ahead and discuss important issues in the industry.

The meetings focused on how to increase Finsec’s profile in the industry, and to build our strength to achieve even better outcomes. Aki Kisona (pictured at left), a Finsec Union Councillor from Asteron, said the meeting provided a great opportunity for union members from throughout the sector to get together and talk through issues.

“The meeting showed that we’re all going through similar things at work, and that we share common views on how to improve things. We also generated a lot of good ideas about retention and increasing our membership,” said Aki.

Expect to see more Finsec news from the insurance industry in the new year, as ideas from the forums are put into action!

AMI backs down on performance pay for union members

AMI told Finsec this week it was withdrawing its proposal to put Finsec members on performance pay! AMI was concerned that Finsec members would reject the variation proposal, and therefore decided to proceed with its plans for non-union members only.

Finsec members will stay on the current skills based pay system that is in our collective agreement. Normal skills based pay assessments for this year will happen soon on the normal way.

This is a great win for union members! The performance pay proposal lacked detail, had no appeals procedure and like all performance pay doesn’t recognize the great work staff do that is not performance measured.

For non-members at AMI , if you join Finsec now you will be covered by our collective agreement which is keeping the current pay system. That means by joining you don’t have to have performance pay!

Next stop – collective bargaining at AMI…

Finsec members vote YES to AMI offer

Finsec members have voted to ratify the AMI offer for both the General and Assessors Collective Employment Agreements.   In the vote that closed today, 88 percent of members participated in the Assessors vote, and 100 percent of these voted to accept. In the General Collective, 87 percent participated in the vote. Of those 71% voted to accept and 29% voted to reject.

Finsec has notified AMI of the results.  The two collective agreements are ratified, and both parties will sign off the documents.

Staffing and workload at AMI remain key issues for staff. AMI have acknowledged concerns and have undertaken to consult with staff.

AMI offer to go to ratification

Collective employment agreement negotiations between Finsec and AMI took place this Wednesday and Thursday. A formal offer will be sent out to ratification early next week.

Keep an eye out for more details to be sent through shortly.

Lock out lifted in call centre dispute – unionists occupy AMI

AMI had a bit part in the industrial dispute this week between Unite members and their employer market research call centre Synovate.

As part of their action to improve their pay, locked out staff briefly occupied AMI offices as AMI is one of Synovate’s clients.

There has been a positive resolution to the dispute, with the lockout lifted and the employer and the union agreeing to pay rises and improvements in conditions. Pay rises will amount to $1 an hour on top of paid rates, that currently start at $12.50. Union members who have shifts cancelled by the company will be paid for that shift if the employer does not give at least 12 hours notice.

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