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Ch-ch-changes at ANZ National

The moves to align National Bank and ANZ systems (in preparation for a likely move to one brand) have hit a few bumps in the road, and has been delayed to IT hold ups.  The new roll over date for ‘simplification’ will be confirmed soon.

A meeting between Union Councillors and the bank threw light on the changes processes at the bank, but Union Council Chair Graham Lee said that the changes did not always meet up with the bank’s assurances. “With role alignment processes in particular, staff are saying that things are not always fair and transparent. Get in touch with Finsec and let us know your concerns if this applies to you.”

When the new system is fully operational across the banks (in the first half of 2012) the more thorny issue of the future of the National Bank will be addressed.


Profit surge at ANZ National

A  45% in underlying profits in the last 9 months is even more of a reason that staff should not be disadvantaged by the potential demise of the National Bank, said Finsec Campaigns Director Tali Williams. The after tax profits of the bank have increased by 19% for the same period, to $735 million.

Williams said that ANZ National staff have responded brilliantly to the questions arising from the review of our collective agreement. “Staff from ANZ and National bank are speaking with one voice when it comes to the change.”

“They want both staff and customers to be treated fairly,” said Williams. “The massive increase in profits over the last year, despite recessionary conditions and earthquakes, means the bank won’t have a leg to stand on if it wants to cut jobs or services in the future.”

The report back from members is currently being collated in readiness for the next phase of the campaign.

National Bank demise closer than ever with big job changes signaled?

ANZ retail staff were informed this week that their jobs are to be restructured, in order that they be more closely aligned with National Bank jobs.

In response to Finsec’s media comment, the bank stated publicly that redundancies wouldn’t be a feature of the change, a commitment they refused to make as part of the review the staff collective agreement.

Andrew Casidy said that the bank had tried many times to minimise the changes as a simple re-branding exercise. “We are very concerned that the move will have much more of an impact than just different signs and letterhead. ANZ National are an extremely profitable company, and they will have a hard time convincing New Zealanders that there is any case to cut jobs or service to customers.”

Finsec members will be engaged in a collective response to the proposed restructuring over the coming weeks, and are also currently holding report back meetings on the outcomes of the CEA review.

ANZ National CEA Review next week

The review of the ANZ National Collective Employment Agreement takes place next week, and Finsec members are going to use the opportunity to ensure that staff have a fair say in the future of the National Bank.

ANZ National staff are also sending a petition to ANZ CEO David Hisco asking that staff are consulted with about any change to the structure of the bank, that protecting jobs be a top priority (and staffing levels not be reduced) and that the bank ensure that customers’ concerns are responded to and met.

If you agree – sign the paper petition that has been circulated, or you can distribute the online version and sign electronically. You can click on this link
or you can go to and click through to “Where I Work” ANZ National.

Two things you can do to have your say in future of National Bank

Finsec members have launched a short, snappy campaign plan to increase the influence staff have over the future of the National Bank, through the review of the Collective Agreement (happening in mid July).

It involves two simple steps to ensure that as many staff as possible get information and protection through our union during the change process – and that we all get a say!

So what are the two actions for change?

1.    Finsec members talking to non-members about our campaign (and for non-members joining our union before bargaining occurs!)
2.    Signing our petition (online or on paper) to ANZ New Zealand CEO asking that staff have a say. Go here: or go to and click through to Where I Work – ANZ National

Easy peasy! Packs have been sent out to all ANZ National worksites with campaign resources. Delegate run claims meetings finish next week, and all organiser-run back office and call centre meetings will be held next week also.

Staff want a say in future of National Bank

Finsec members at ANZ National are looking at making consultation with staff and protecting jobs a central issue in the mid-year review of the Collective Employment Agreement. The proposed claims are a response to staff concerns about the future of the National Bank, and the bank’s plans to close the brand.

ANZ National Union Councillor Nola Macken said the changes were a huge concern for staff. “With ANZ staff training and us moving on to one system, we’re all aware that the re-branding is getting closer and closer. All staff are wondering about our job security, but especially non-members who don’t have the pro-active approach we do with the bank.”

Nola said that this was a good time to talk to non-members about the way that Finsec is addressing the impact of the change in our Collective Agreement. “We want our concerns addressed before the re-branding process occurs, to give us greater security.”

The proposed claims focus on protecting jobs and ensuring that there are meaningful consultation processes in place for any organisational change.

ANZ National members are discussing the claims in union meetings that run until 8 July. And BNZers, your claims development meetings run until 1 July.

Bank must talk to staff and customers now about National Bank future

The future of the National Bank has been back in the media this week with a NZ Herald story featuring ANZ Australia CEO Mike Smith saying that running two banks is “inefficient” and clearly signalling that change is on the cards.

Finsec welcomed NZ CEO David Hisco’s rejection of media reports that ANZ would close National branches but called for consultation before decisions are made.

“We have told the bank in no uncertain terms that consultation needs to be undertaken before a decision is made on the future of the National Bank,” said Campaigns Director Tali Williams. “That means talking to Finsec as the representative of staff, but also to their customers and the wider community and taking all these views into account.”

“ANZ National would be placing their business at risk if customers and staff feel that the change is a fait accompli,” said Williams. “When the bank’s profits are growing, they would find it very difficult to justify to the New Zealand public any cuts to customer service or local jobs.”

Talks with ANZ National management regarding future structure

Finsec representatives met with ANZ National senior management this week to discuss the future structure of the National Bank. Union Council Chair Graham Lee said the priority was ensuring decisions are made in consultation with staff and customers.

Management said no decisions about branding had been made as yet, but the bank saw significant value in regular ongoing dialogue with Finsec representatives and have proposed regular meetings going forward.

“This is great that there will be a process to involve union members in important and serious decision making processes from here on in. Being a Finsec member means having a say in what matters at work,” said Graham Lee.

Finsec members are now working on a paper to present to the bank, clearly outlining why and how staff and customers need to be consulted with BEFORE decisions are made about the National Bank.

Meeting to discuss future structure of ANZ National

Finsec representatives have a meeting scheduled next week to discuss the processes to be followed before ANZ National makes any decisions about the future structure of the bank.

A team of Finsec representatives will be meeting with bank management next Tuesday. Their priority is ensuring that any decisions about the National Bank are made in full consultation with customers and staff.

ANZ National moves to single IT system: says no merger of brands

ANZ National is moving to a single computer system across both banks but denies that this is a sign that the two brands will merge. The National Bank system will be rolled out across ANZ by the end of next year.

The bank is also scrapping deposit fees between the two banks.

Finsec Campaigns Director Andrew Campbell said that this fee was always unfair and welcomes it’s scrapping. “Finsec will be keeping a close eye on this IT change to ensure a smooth transition for staff and to make sure jobs are protected.”

“We know that a consolidation of the branch network could lead to job losses. We want ANZ National to continue to invest in their staff and customers, not disinvest. With their good profits they are in a very good position to do so.”

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