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Two things you can do to have your say in future of National Bank

Finsec members have launched a short, snappy campaign plan to increase the influence staff have over the future of the National Bank, through the review of the Collective Agreement (happening in mid July).

It involves two simple steps to ensure that as many staff as possible get information and protection through our union during the change process – and that we all get a say!

So what are the two actions for change?

1.    Finsec members talking to non-members about our campaign (and for non-members joining our union before bargaining occurs!)
2.    Signing our petition (online or on paper) to ANZ New Zealand CEO asking that staff have a say. Go here: or go to and click through to Where I Work – ANZ National

Easy peasy! Packs have been sent out to all ANZ National worksites with campaign resources. Delegate run claims meetings finish next week, and all organiser-run back office and call centre meetings will be held next week also.


Staff want a say in future of National Bank

Finsec members at ANZ National are looking at making consultation with staff and protecting jobs a central issue in the mid-year review of the Collective Employment Agreement. The proposed claims are a response to staff concerns about the future of the National Bank, and the bank’s plans to close the brand.

ANZ National Union Councillor Nola Macken said the changes were a huge concern for staff. “With ANZ staff training and us moving on to one system, we’re all aware that the re-branding is getting closer and closer. All staff are wondering about our job security, but especially non-members who don’t have the pro-active approach we do with the bank.”

Nola said that this was a good time to talk to non-members about the way that Finsec is addressing the impact of the change in our Collective Agreement. “We want our concerns addressed before the re-branding process occurs, to give us greater security.”

The proposed claims focus on protecting jobs and ensuring that there are meaningful consultation processes in place for any organisational change.

ANZ National members are discussing the claims in union meetings that run until 8 July. And BNZers, your claims development meetings run until 1 July.

PSIS staff ratify 16 month term

Finsec members at PSIS have voted to accept an offer for a 16 month term. 90% of members participated in the ratification vote, 70% of whom voted to accept the offer.

The final deal includes a pay rise of 2.5% from April 2011, a further 1.5% from April 2012, and a one off payment of $200 to recognise the longer term.

Well done to all Finsec delegates and members who took part in our campaign, and who convinced PSIS to improve on their original offer.

Shouldn’t you be at a union meeting?

If you’re a Finsec member at ANZ National or BNZ the answer is yes!

BNZers are in the middle of the process of developing claims with half hour paid union meetings. The meetings are discussing important issues including our pay claim, and the fairness of current pay systems.

ANZ National folk, your meetings start next week. A pack to run the paid one-hour meetings at your work-site was sent to all delegates at the beginning of this week. Any questions about the info in the pack? Call us! Didn’t get the pack? Call us!

These meetings are an important part of achieving good outcomes in BNZ bargaining and in the ANZ National mid-year review. Make sure you’re there.

BNZ and ANZ National members: we need to talk

ANZ National and BNZ members are getting ready to talk, with planning further underway for paid union meetings to discuss our collective agreement negotiations coming up.

ANZ National delegates have conference calls next Tuesday and Wednesday to set up the one hour paid meetings for members. We’ve just added some new morning and afternoon times, if the evening sessions don’t suit you. Members meetings start 20 June.

BNZers, your meetings start next week. Make sure your organised to attend – it won’t be difficult, as your meetings are onsite, and only for 30 minutes.

Don’t forget it’s your legal right to attend these paid union meetings in work time, and the banks are all on board with them. They’re your opportunity to make sure bargaining is focussed on the most important issues for you.

One ratification, one rejection

Finsec members at Credit Union South have voted to ratify an offer for a two year agreement. Well done to delegates for their work supporting bargaining – particularly Amanda Rohtmets from Dunedin and Lynne Herron from Gore, who were on the bargaining team.

Meanwhile, Finsec members at PSIS have handed their employer a third reject vote on two offers, and are now set to enter mediation with PSIS.

Finsec members picket Wellington Combined Taxis

Finsec members working in finance at Wellington Combined Taxis and Combined Finance Limited picketed their employer this week over stalled pay talks.

The employer is only offering 1.5% plus a buyout of a paid lunch break. Mediation is scheduled to take place on 13 June, but Finsec members have indicated that the employers can come back with an improved offer before that date.

Finsec members, most of whom have not received a pay increase in up to 6 years, staged a lively picket supported by other workers from the National Distribution Union and Service and Food Workers Union. Taxi drivers are also offering support by signing a petition to the employer.

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