Finsec legal organisers fight for working people’s rights

Carl and OliverMost of Finsec’s work is about members working together collectively to win changes and improvements to our daily working lives. But occasionally Finsec members face individual challenges or problems that require their own superhero in the form of specific legal support. So, it’s probably an apposite time to introduce to you all our two ‘super’ legal organisers, Carl Anderson and Oliver Christeller. Whenever any Finsec member contacts us with an individual employment problem, a personal grievance or just in need of some advice or help, they normally end up talking to either Carl or Oliver.

Carl completed his degrees in Law and Political Studies at Auckland University, and has previously worked for the Department of Labour in various capacities. He enjoys helping members to ensure they are treated fairly at work, and is always willing to help people, whether this involves legal advice, or other practical support.

Oliver is currently completing his degrees in Law and Political Science and was the winner of the Victoria University Buddle Findlay Negotiation Competition and was second place in the National Buddle Findlay Negotiation Competition. Oliver is passionate about Workers Rights and has experience as an employment advocate based at the Wellington People’s Centre. If you’re a Finsec member you contact either Carl or Oliver for free at this webpage, by email, or at 0800 FINSEC.


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